Ramanayake Automobiles

Importing a vehicle from Japan

We at Ramanayake Automobiles will be happy to assist you to import your dream vehicle from Japan. We strive to make this a pleasant and rewarding experience for you. Our staff will work with you, from carefully selecting your vehicle, importing, and clearing, to registration. For your convenience we have put together the procedure involved in this process. Please read and make sure to complete every step in a timely manner so that your vehicle could be imported without any delays.
Step 1.

Selecting your vehicle:

  • We can help you in selecting your vehicle from the stock of our supplier. A deposit of Rs. 200,000 is required for reserving this vehicle.
  • If you don't find a vehicle you desire from a stock, you can provide us with exact details with a deposit of Rs. 500,000 and we will arrange the supplier to purchase a vehicle from a reputed Japanese auction for you.
Selecting your vehicle
Importing a vehicle from Japan
Step 2.

Importing your vehicle:

  • Ramanayake Automobiles will issue an invoice for your vehicle. If you are a permit holder, make sure that you provide us with the permit number, since the invoice needs to depict this number.
  • Obtain an L/C form from your bank by submitting the above invoice.
  • Your bank can assist you to fill this L/C form. If not, we will be happy to help you.
  • After you open an L/C account, please provide us with clear copies of the L/C documents.
  • Once you have settled the accounts and the L/C documents have been received by the supplier, your vehicle will be shipped.
  • All the documents that you need for clearing your vehicle will be sent to you by the through your bank.
Step 3.

Obtaining VAT and TIN certificates:

If this is the first time you are importing a vehicle, you will need to obtain temporary VAT and TIN numbers.
  • Location : Second floor of Inland Revenue building, Colombo 2
  • Fee : free of charge.
  • Documents to take:
    • Original documents that you receive from your bank.
    • Two copies each of the B/L, invoice, National ID.
Obtaining VAT and TIN certificates
Register the VAT and TIN numbers with Customs
Step 4.

Register the VAT and TIN numbers with Customs:

You will need to fill Form 115. We can provide you with this form. Fill it correctly and have it certified by your bank and your Grama Niladari before the arrival of your vehicle. This process can take about a week and a delay could slow down the clearing process.
  • Location : 3rd Floor, Times Building, Bristol Street, Colombo 01.
  • Fee : free of charge.
  • Documents to take:
    • A duly filled form 115.
    • Original and photocopies of the TIN and VAT certificates.
    • Original and photocopy of National Identity Card.
Step 5.

Clearing your vehicle:

If you desire we can arrange a clearing agent for you. Here is the list of documents that you need to submit to Customs.
  • Original documents you received through your bank.
  • TIN and VAT certificates.
  • If you are a permit holder, the relevant permit.
  • Your National ID card.
  • L/C copies certified by your bank.
  • Completed copy of Form 115.
If you are clearing the vehicle through our clearing agent:
  • Our agent will inform us the relevant customs duty. At this point you will need to provide us with a bank draft for the duty amount drawn in favor of the Director General of Customs.
  • You will generally incur about Rs. 20,000 to 25,000 in clearing costs (excluding demurrage).
Clearing your vehicle