Ramanayake Automobiles

Why Choose Us?

The scheme of granting permits, to officers of executive level holding administrative, managerial, and professional posts in Public Service or Public Enterprises to import motor vehicles/ to purchase locally manufactured motor vehicles with new parts and accessories, under concessionary terms is in effect from 15th December 2010.

Top Quality Vehicles

  • Go Through a Rigid Inspection
  • Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI) Certificates
  • Vehicle's Mileage & Condition Certified

Quick Delievery

  • Large stock vehicles in Sri Lanka
  • Huge stock vehicles In Japan
  • Don't have the wait for the auctions
  • We have strong ties with shipping lines

Unbeatable Prices

  • Strong ties with Japanese car auctions sites, dealers and suppliers
  • Bulk discount from dealers